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Are You Ready for Your Next Summer Adventure?

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Are You Ready for Your Next Summer Adventure?

With summer in full swing, aren’t we all looking to spend more time outdoors and exploring activities such as hiking, camping, and bike riding? If you are planning an open-air holiday, or even just a local adventure, you will want to ensure that your gear gets there easily and safely. Choosing the right bike or cargo carrier helps to free up space for driving comfort and gives you piece of mind on your journey.

Scroll down and check out some tips on how to equip your vehicle for your next summer adventure!

How to chose bike rack

Bike racks vary on how they attach to the car; on how many bikes can be mounted; and on types of bikes they are compatible with. Racks typically carry up to 4 bikes - with or without adapters/extensions that can be bought separately. However, there are a few options in the market that can accommodate more depending on your needs.  

Aside from the number of bikes you are planning to carry, you should also consider the type of bikes you have – some racks may or may not work with step-through frames or certain wheel/tire sizes. Kids bikes, cruisers and some mountain bikes may require an adapter to ensure a secure fit.

There are four main types of bike racks: strap on trunk-mounted, hitch-mounted, rooftop mounted, and suction based. Which type of bike rack is right for you? Answer the following questions and review the specifics of each to help you make your choice:

      • Are you planning on attaching and removing the bike rack or cargo carrier regularly?
      • What type of car do you have?
      • Does the car have come with a hitch or roof bars?
      • Where do you park your car?
      • What is the combined weight of the bikes you would like to carry?
      • What is your budget?

If you do not have a hitch or roof bars, the best option to consider is a strap on trunk-mounted bike rack. These racks generally offer universal fit and vehicle application. Since there are always exceptions, you should always check your owner’s manual to ensure the product selected is appropriate for use with your vehicle.

If you have trailer hitch or you are going to install one, hitch-mounted bike racks offer the most flexibility since they have the highest weight capacity. Before buying a bike or cargo carrier, always verify the hitch receiver size and its weight class to make sure installation is compatible and safe.

Roof bars/racks are required for any Rooftop solution and may involve dismantling certain bike styles to properly secure or provide ample clearance for vehicle use.

Bike Carriers

CCM 2+2 Hitch Platform Bike Carrier

CCM 2+2 Bike Carrier, thanks to its innovative design, can accommodate 2 or 4 bikes with an easy to remove extension. This bike rack has adjustable tube hooks and wheel tray that fit bikes of all geometry and sizes. It holds up to 180 lbs and works with variety of bikes – BMX/Dirt, Cruiser, Mountain, Road and many more. Hooks are made with rubber that helps protect your bikes finish from being scratched while transporting. Additionally, it can be easily separated from the car when not in use and be folded for compact storage. There are no security features, so cable locks will be ideal add-ons. Some assembly with tools is required but it does not take long to have the rack ready to use. Always check your owner’s manual to ensure the product is appropriate for use with your vehicle.

Weight: 33kg
Number of bikes: 4
Rear Vehicle Access: Yes

CCM 3-Bike Trunk Mount Bike Carrier

CCM 3-Bike Carrier is a great choice for infrequent travels with bikes – you could easily install and remove the rack when it is not needed. 6 adjustable buckle straps hold the rack securely on the trunk of the vehicle while built-in anti-sway cradles keeps bikes immobilized and protected. With a maximum capacity of 132 lbs, it can hold up to 3 bikes. This bike rack fits sedans best, but can work with most vehicles. While the carrier is best suited for mountain bike frames, you can use the bike adapter (sold separately) to carry unconventional bikes. It also folds up when not in use for easy storage. This is typically the most budget friendly rack option. Always check your owner’s manual to ensure the product is appropriate for use with your vehicle.

Weight: 5.78kg
Number of bikes: 3
Rear Vehicle Access: No

How to choose cargo carrier

There are so many cargo carriers to choose from, so taking time to research what will suit your needs best is ultimately important. There are several things to consider prior to purchase.

First and foremost, you need to decide on your budget. Some styles are loaded with advanced features that are reflected in their price, and while they are worth the investment, not every lifestyle requires them for efficient and safe use. It really depends on what you are using it for and how frequently you will be attaching it, and accessing it on your vehicle.  

Contributing greatly to the price of cargo carriers are the wide range of sizes they come in. Typically, they range between 10-22 cubic feet. The size you choose will depend on the type of vehicle you have, and what you are looking to transport. For example, compact vehicles should use smaller cargo carriers to avoid blocking the front or rear view. Aerodynamics are also very important – if not required, you don’t want a large cargo box that will increase wind resistance.

Roof boxes are one of the most common types of carriers chosen, and they come in many variations including baskets and bags. Roof boxes are more aerodynamic by design, but other options have their own pros. For example, baskets and bags tend to be more budget friendly, more flexible, and lightweight. But, if choosing a basket you may also need to factor in a cargo net or security straps to ensure your load stays secure.

Ultimately you will have lots of options for both roof and hitch solutions, but each come with weight limitations and installation requirements. Always check your owner’s manual to ensure the product is appropriate for use with your vehicle.

Cargo Carriers

CCM Rooftop Carrier

CCM Rooftop Carrier is a medium size box with a volume of 14 cubic feet and weight capacity of 110 lb. Its aerodynamic design is made to reduce the noise of wind. It has quick connected locking anchors to ensure that all items inside remain safe, while providing easy and quick access. The great thing about this box is it’s dual-side opening that makes loading and unloading much simpler – you can access your belongings from either side. Finally, it has cargo security straps which ensure your items do not shift during transportation. This carrier must be mounted to a roof rack system. Always check your owner’s manual to ensure the product is appropriate for use with your vehicle.

Maximum weight capacity: 110 lb.

Cargo volume: 14 cu.ft.

CCM Hitch Basket

CCM Hitch Basket gives you ground level access, and with a weight capacity of 500 lb., this carrier is great for fuel cans, totes, bagged soils, power tools, lawn, and garden equipment, and more. Made from heavy-duty, powder coated steel and wire mesh guard, you can rest assured knowing this basket will serve you for a long time. Folding design allows for easy storage against the vehicle when not in use. This carrier fits 2" × 2" trailer hitch receivers, which is the most common, although you should always verify your vehicle and towing accessory specifications.  Always check your owner’s manual to ensure the product is appropriate for use with your vehicle.

Maximum weight capacity: 500 lb.

CCM Rooftop Bag Standard 14 cu.ft.

CCM Rooftop Bag is a great weatherproof carrier for travel in any season. It is equipped with durable double-wall vinyl and fully welded seams. It is designed to fit passenger cars, vans and SUVs equipped with complete roof rack systems and crossbars. The bag comes with two-way zippers and protective rain flaps. With 15 cubic feet of volume and 100 lb weight capacity, there is loads of space to pack up and go. This bag is lightweight and folds up for easy storage when not in use. Always check your owner’s manual to ensure the product is appropriate for use with your vehicle.

Maximum weight capacity: 100 lb.

Cargo volume: 14 cu.ft.

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