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Family fun

We know that quality time spent with family and friends can be priceless. We’ve got some ideas to help add excitement to your day whether you are spending time in person or virtually.



Exercise Tic Tac Toe

Play Tic Tac Toe with your family; not with ‘O’s and ‘X’s this time but with exercises.

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Find the listed items within your house and add up points to win the family fun game.

Zoo Animal Coloring

Give your kids a fun way to develop creativity, focus, motor skills and colour recognition.

Complete the Pattern

Make learning math fun by completing the pattern game.

Multiplication Under the Sea

Play a fun game to help the kids learn multiplication.

Name that Polygon

Hand this fun worksheet over to your kids to study different shapes of polygons.

Small to Big

An enjoyable colouring activity to develop problem-solving skills

Solar System Crossword

Enhance your kids solar system knowledge and vocabulary

The Counting Game

Provide your kids a fun way to learn basic counting skills

What’s the Matter

Puzzles are a great way to enhance the logical and reasoning skills of kids!

Never Have I Ever

Tick the activities you have done in your life and add up points to win the game.

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Find the listed items before other players and add up points to win the game.

Phone Scavenger Hunt

Complete as many of the listed items as possible and add up points to win the game.

Spell your Name Workout

Get your family moving! Everyone has to spell their names and complete worksheet exercises corresponding to each letter.


This best household leisure companion – playing as a family, complete the 3x3 grid by following provided instructions.